Creative Spirit Aims for Thousands of Jobs For People With Disabilities


A new effort with the backing of some major names in the advertising industry is launching with an ambitious goal: create 130,000 jobs for people with developmental disabilities by 2020.  Read the full story here.


Friendship Center


Here’s a terrific learning facility that is part of Friendship Circle in West Bloomfield, just outside Detroit. All under one roof, The Meer Family Friendship Center includes dedicated areas for art, music, kitchen skills as well as tactile, gross motor and water-based activities.  In addition, there is a large gym as well as Weinberg Village, a very cool 5,000 square-foot, true-to-life cityscape complete with traffic lights, park benches, and parking meters – where students with disabilities from 200 schools in 54 school districts come to experience and learn, in a controlled and caring environment, simulated real-world life skills.  The Village includes a theatre, pet shop, pharmacy, bakery, library and bank as well as social gathering areas.


This facility seems like a fantastic idea for individuals with developmental disabilities to practice and experience real-world scenarios, build confidence and self-esteem, and grow friendships through shared experiences. This type of facility also offers significant potential for employment and volunteer training as well as actual employment opportunities.

If anyone has had any direct experience with The Friendship Center, we’d love to hear from you!