Special Ed Apps

Down Syndrome Education International (DSEI) recently introduced its See and Learn Speech Series apps, available from the Windows Store and the iTunes App Store. See and Learn Speech is designed to teach children to hear and produce speech sounds (phonemes), to hear the differences between sounds (discrimination), to develop their speech sound system (phonology), and to produce clear speech. See and Learn Saying Words plus additional new apps in the See and Learn Speech Series are planned for the near future. Check out the See and Learn resources at seeandlearn.org

Apple is also highlighting a growing number of apps catering to individuals with developmental disabilities and other special needs with a featured special education section in iTunes’ App Store. Located in the “Education” category, you’ll find a “Special Education Collection” that includes a variety of useful applications for computers, iPhones and iPads, including apps used for communication, emotion and language development, seeing and hearing, sensory and visual perception, tracking and reference, and life skills. In addition to being fun, engaging and valuable teaching and learning tools, these apps are increasingly popular in the special needs community as assistive technology devices as well as organizational and teaching aids.

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