Welcome to After21

The goal of this blog is simple: to share information and engage the online community to discuss issues, concerns, ideas and opportunities so that we can help young adults with intellectual disabilities prepare for, and lead hopeful and meaningful lives.

As the father of a daughter with Down syndrome, I started this blog because I saw limited options for my daughter Megan after she graduated from high school. I figured that other concerned parents, family members and young adults themselves were asking the same question: “What happens after high school”? By connecting with others, I hope to identify and disseminate valuable information about available resources, best practices and other useful examples of life after high school and beyond.

You’ll find posts spanning a range of topics including employment and volunteerism, continuing education, independent living, health and nutrition, as well as occasional personal musings. This blog is intended to be solution-focused and forward-thinking, although at times some posts will reference some sobering information that underlines some of the critical issues being faced. I invite you to check out the recent posts and archives listed in the right-hand column, and encourage you to offer your comments and suggestions because we all have something valuable to offer.

I hope this site becomes a part of your online routine and that you become a regular contributor and advocate. Together, I’m confident that we can help create meaningful, fulfilling opportunities for young adults with intellectual disabilities – and in so doing, ensure a bright, hopeful future filled with dignity and personal growth that is embraced by an enriching social network of caring relationships.

So what have you got to say?

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